Expanding territory

Exploring the technical application of analogue. Expanding both knowledge and slow progression of experience, gradually pushing the envelope of the known. These photographs were captured during a road trip to Braemar, skirting the Cairngorms and my own special awareness. More to follow.Scan_20170308 (2)Scan_20170308 (4)


Prototype 2






Although this design produced beautifully central exposures. The size of these photographs were limited by the shallowness of the box. But overall this design worked very efficiently, maybe to efficiently. It is missing the mystery and spontaneous composition that I am looking for.


Manually inverting the pinhole photograph allows a fresh perspective. Like the pinhole process itself the inversion of the photograph provides an unexpected and organic output. The unseen details become visible and the visible then translates to a whisper of prior perceptions.

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localised climate

So like most of the television viewing population, I am also following the new BBC Planet Earth 2, series. In the latest episode, jungles, a snippet of Mr Attenborough’s attention was caught on highlighting the climate and ultimately cloud producing properties of the rain forest.

This got me thinking, about locality. The immediacy of changing and its unpredictable nature. Ultimately how we, as individuals, see the world. Even with technology we can still only relate to the immediate environment and to some extent it is unfair to expect anything other. In one life time, no one can relate to everyone, everything, every climate.

We can only see as far as the horizon.