Experimentation and Exploration.



A week of exploration and opportunity. I was lucky to be given the chance to stay in Helmsdale, with access to a dark room.

This introduced a logistical challenge, transporting multiple pinhole cameras on a train? The solution, two “flat-packed” cameras. However these didn’t work according to plan, I suspect the lids were ineffective. But they did produce some peculiar and suggestive images.




A net is a net, what responsibility does one need for such a tool?

A container, controlled by me. The size of which is controlled by me, placed where I choice and policed by me. I shall take what I want and leave what I don’t. Because I am human and this is what I must do!

I also fit within a container, a series of Russian doll constraints. Within my family, within society, within a Nation, within a continent, within a species and on one planet. The environment is huge and will not morne some fish?

But as We continue to learn and categorise ecosystems, this expanse seems less expansive. Is there really more fish in the sea?








Taken on a particular windy day, the developments made to create this design have taken the process to a different level. Although the double lid is rather inconvenient it works really well, in fact to start with this design was to light tight. The length also meant an extension of time, again this added different challenges.


Prototype 2






Although this design produced beautifully central exposures. The size of these photographs were limited by the shallowness of the box. But overall this design worked very efficiently, maybe to efficiently. It is missing the mystery and spontaneous composition that I am looking for.

Prototype 1









This design of canister worked out really well, I love the edges of the exposure. However the slot at the bottom proved tricky and as such will develop this design removing this element.