P1020246P1020262In the hustle n bustle that is life, I have been swept through the currents of times and schedules. Social expectations and lost track of a sense of self. I am a bit rusty, however I need to reboot and rediscovery the me that has become lost within society. I need to rebuild the confidence I had to adapt society to fit me and not the other way around. Society is built by individual thought and therefore needs to recognise its source.


Ode to an outsider

Food, water and shelter. We inhale/ exhale, communicate in order to adapt. A wealth of influences effects each individual, which shapes not only them but the world around.

Breath in, breath out, a silent ripple supports our knowledge, our survival, our structure and our world.


Expanding territory

Exploring the technical application of analogue. Expanding both knowledge and slow progression of experience, gradually pushing the envelope of the known. These photographs were captured during a road trip to Braemar, skirting the Cairngorms and my own special awareness. More to follow.Scan_20170308 (2)Scan_20170308 (4)

Un-chaining my net



15aExpanding into the depths of analogue photography. Treading water, this is defiantly a method that requires further experimentation.

Although there is control within the capture of the imagery the spontaneity of light and development, allows for a raw output. It also offers an opportunity to catch clouds with similar concerns to pinhole. But no longer restricts capture to dark room access.